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We are all Sinners Salvaged by the Grace of God

Reverend Lawrence Seow is the Founding Pastor of God@Work, Singapore. In this sermon he discussed how sinners like us could experience great miracles. It is not because we are better than others, but simply because we have been salvaged by the Grace of God. This is why we can not stay passive, but rather, we […]

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Uniquely Hand-made

This is the first of our 6 part programme “Shaped for Significance” by Pastor Rick Warren. Presented by Pastor Nicolas Sofyan, this part focussed on why it is important for every believer to understand his/her “Shape”.

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Will He Still Find Faith on The Earth?

According to the Jewish Calendar, this is the year where God is passionately observing His house to see if He will still find faith. Will we find favour in His eyes? As members of His House, we should re-evaluate our faith. Pastor Djienarko believes that an unshaken faith must be built upon truth, obedience and […]

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Lifestyle of The Lord’s Servant

The book of Daniel (chapter 1:8-9) gave us some examples of how Daniel and his three friends kept their Godly lifestyle even when they were placed in difficult circumstances. Edo Halim discussed three key points we could learn from these examples, which if applied to our walk with Jesus, could also help us realign our […]

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